Eyes Wide Shut

Our calling came to
deliver aid and protection,
with high hopes and conviction,
with no hesitation.

This is our time for the movement,
the one that we dreamed of,
“we’ll fight this injustice”,
for those who will need us,
or so we thought…

Welfare became warfare
Food like munitions
and of a sudden, we saw no
difference between us,
or so we thought…

Protection was love
and so important it was,
without this devotion
we couldn’t unite between us.

We did not furlough,
Nor did not we stop,
our eyes now wide open,
staring a thousand yards,
waiting for the next indication,
whether or not to act again,
without hesitation…

We thought our adventures were safe,
and in return, they’d protect us,
but they have no compassion, no compensation
for those who were taken
on the ‘other front line’.