Talk the Talk

Talk the Talk is a development worker for a community led organisation in a large housing estate in North Wales.

It is in one of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Wales, and in the lowest 10% of areas on the UK national deprivation indices. The neighbourhood was traditionally dependent on local industry for employment and there is high unemployment.

COVID-19 has compounded difficulties for people in the area in many ways. Food poverty has increased due to falls in income and difficulties accessing affordable shops, in addition to the deficit left by the closure of schools and pauses in other statutory support.

Talk the Talk is supporting the community and has been heavily involved in responding to immediate needs during the pandemic by working with other local organisations to provide food and supporting people to access prescriptions, as well as simply ‘checking in’ with vulnerable residents and taking referrals from other organisations. They are also involved in influencing local and national government in Wales to provide more statutory support particularly around food poverty. 

The focus of Talk the Talk’s writing and video/audio reports will be on issues around food poverty and work to influence the Welsh government to take further action to end food poverty. They will also write about other issues facing the community including mental health, loneliness and anxiety which have been exacerbated by the pandemic.