The COVID-19 Other Front Line global alliance

The network members…

Ainhoa Ruiz Azarola, Mariano Hernan Garcia & Giulia Fernandez Avagliano work at the Andalusian School of Public Health, Granada, Spain. Ainhoa’s work focuses on inequalities, migration, access to health care and civil society participation in health. Mariano is a professor and researcher on asset-based Community Health and Health Promotion. Giulia is a publishing consultant and community manager. They are recruiting and supporting Other Front-Line journalists from groups affected by eviction working with Stop Desahucios Granada and people living in a socioeconomically disadvantaged neighbourhood in the city of Granada.  

Allan Herbert, Eva Elliott and Ellie Byrne are based in Cardiff Wales.  Eva and Ellie, from Straeon Research, are social scientists with extensive, longstanding relationships with diverse community groups in Wales. Allan Herbert is a community development practitioner with over 30 years’ experience.  He is a former Manager of South Riverside Community Development Centre and still has strong connections through a variety of projects. They are working with South Riverside Community Development Centre to recruit and support Other Front Line journalist  from this diverse community.  

Arthur Faria Amorim, Filipe Pimentel, Giovanna Parise, Júlia Ozorio de Abreu, Nicole Biancardi Goulart and Rafael Pereira are students at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and are members of Iguana Jornalismo. This independent collective produces digital multimedia content to tell the stories of people whose human rights are historically silenced. Iguana, collaborating with André Teixeira da Rosa, Filipe Rossau and Vicente Abrahão Gonzaga – videomakers and an illustrator – are supporting two Other Front Line journalists: both peripheral black women who use slam (a type of spoken poetry and song) to empower themselves and share their experiences.

Daniela Miranda is a Ph.D. candidate at the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain.  She is actively involved in various research projects at the Center of Community Research and Action (CESPYD). Her research focuses on civic engagement, intersectional health equity, and reproductive justice. Daniela advocates for the health rights of minority women and girls and has worked alongside Roma women and grassroots organizations for five years. The Other Front-Line journalists she is supporting are Roma women who live in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in Spain and established the advocacy group yiló.  

John Hume leads the People’s Health Trust UK. The Trust is a charity supporting organisations (through grants and practice development) to address some of the underlying social determinants of health.  The Trust works in neighbourhoods in England, Scotland and Wales where people experience entrenched disadvantage.  They are recruiting and supporting Other Front-Line journalists from some of the local organisations they fund to reflect the views of the neighbourhood and residents they work with.

Mimi Abramovitz teaches social welfare policy at the Silberman School of Social Work, Hunter College, City University of New York, USA. A former labour and welfare rights organizer, her current research uses the lens of race, class and gender to examine poverty inequality, women’s activism and the impact of welfare state policies on human service agencies. With organisations supporting groups experiencing poverty and discrimination, Mimi will recruit and support Other Front Line journalists. 

Ricardo Lustosa is a postdoc researcher at the Collective Health Institute of the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil, and coordinates inclusive projects in vulnerable neighborhoods in Brazil with a focus on youth. With the project Otherfrontline, youths, and leaders from vulnerable neighborhoods act as street journalists with our support.

Rita Marzio Maralla, Martina Riccio and Claudia Paganoni are based in the Center of International and Intercultural health in Bologna, Italy. At the international level, CSI is part of the People’s Health Movement and at local level it collaborate with the University of Bologna (Anthropology department). Since 2013, the CSI-APS works with people living in conditions of vulnerability and isolation in Pescarola neighborhood through extensive collaborations with local health authorities, municipal institutions, civil society, organisation and informal citizens groups and networks. They will be recruiting and supporting Other Front-Line journalists from the groups they work with and they will collaborate with Barbara Baldini, independent theatrical director and actress.

Sarah Perrine is founder and director and Dena Popova is research and communications associate at the Trust for Social Achievement (TSA) in Bulgaria . TSA is a grant-making, non-governmental organization working in four program areas: First Foundations, Early Learning and Care, Educational Achievement and Family Economic Success. TSA tests and supports innovative, participatory, evidence-based and results-driven approaches that increase self-sufficiency and improve life outcomes for Bulgaria’s poor, with a focus on the Roma. The earliest conditions of a child’s life predetermine later educational and economic activity in society. This is why the focus of the First Foundations program is to positively impact these earliest moments through community and family empowerment, capacity building and advocacy efforts in the area of early child development and care. TSA are supporting Other Front Line journalists in Sofia, Plovdiv and Straldzha. 

Silvia Pilutti, Maurizio Marino and Giuseppe Costa are based in Turin, Italy. Silvia is the executive of Prospettive Socio-economic Research s.a.s. undertaking applied research to support local organisations and inform policy. Giuseppe is Professor at Turin University and directs the Regional Public Health Observatory (SEPI) where Maurizio works. SEPI carries out epidemiological research and health promotion for regional authorities, hospitals, and local bodies. Prospettive collaborates with SEPI on research and action to address social and health inequalities. They are recruiting and supporting Other Front Line journalists from community organisations in the metropolitan area of Turin in the north-west of Italy and are exploring ways to work with others in Milan and Bologna in northern Italy and Naples in southern Italy.

Sue Ansarie and Lucy Terry work for Local Trust (LT) in England UK, which manages the Big Local – a programme providing at least £1m each to 150 areas across England. Big Local communities are all experiencing disadvantage.  They are spending their money over 10-15 years on their own plans and priorities. In Big Local areas the programme is overseen by a panel led by local residents working on a voluntary basis. LT is recruiting and supporting Other Front-Line journalists from BL residents involved in these panels. 

Vicki McGowan is based at Newcastle University and the National Institute for Health Research School of Public Health in NE England. Vicki  is doing research on the social determinants of health inequalities. She works with community groups and local organisations in disadvantaged neighbourhoods who are taking action to improve the places they live and to influence wider action for social justice. Vicki is recruiting and supporting Other Front Line journalists from these community groups. 

Other collaborating organisations

Camminare Insieme: Turin’s association that offers free health care and health promotion for vulnerable people (undocumented migrants, homelessness, etc.).

CCM – Medical Collaboration Committee: Turin’s international cooperation association that has been operating for over forty years for the right to health in Africa and in Italy.

Diaconia Valdese Valli: non-profit ecclesiastical organisation that provides socio-sanitary, educational, job placement services and services for young people and adults in difficulty in the Valdesian Valleys territory, without confessional bonds.

Stop Desahucios Granada 15M: Social movement grassroots organisation focused on the right to housing and the defense of people with housing problems due to non-payment of mortgage or rent and/or eviction orders.