The COVID-19 Other Front Line journalists and bloggers…

Alex and Binta’s stories will represent the daily struggle of many families in the Northern District of Granada (Spain) as they try to change the consequences of the social inequalities they have suffered for decades.

Aurora journalists support a ‘Stop Eviction’ group which works with families forced to squat empty houses that are owned by banks and have not been used for years. Their stories will show to society and to the institutions responsible for housing and welfare of citizens the ‘other side’.

eSSAy is a local community activist living in a bustling south Asian neighbourhood of a major city in the Midlands in the UK. The focus of eSSAy’s reporting will be on jobs and income, which remains a very large and increasing worry for local people, made worse by COVID-19.

Frud is a Black African community leader working across Greater Manchester. The focus of Frud’s reports will be on health inequalities and racial systemic barriers, which COVID-19 has exposed to the wider society.

I Have a Dream is a mother from a small town in Bulgaria, Straldzha. Having married as a teenager she had to drop out of school. She now assists with a project that aims to support teenage girls to stay in school. Her stories will tell you about the problems young people face in her town.

Le Kamite was born in Cameroon and now lives in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Turin with his partner and two children. He volunteers with an Association in Turin. His is the voice of many young people who have left their communities and countries to study in Italy and build a better future for themselves and their families.

Mother T. is a young mother supported by a home-visiting programme with trained family nurses. She lives in a small neighbourhood with predominantly Roma inhabitants in Sofia and will be blogging about the experiences of other young mothers in Filipovtsi. 

Niky is a Romanian national, nurse and mother of two children who came to Italy over ten years ago. Her stories will give a voice to foreign mothers, especially African ones, and their children, whom she meets through her voluntary work with an Association in Turin.

Riverside Writers is a group of writers and gentle activists. They will reflect the lives of people who live in Riverside (Cardiff), the outside forces that affect their current and past health and wellbeing, and their ability to plan for the future. They will bring you stories from the lives of people who are living with the reality and complexities of inner-city life in Cardiff.

Rose Princess is a young journalist who was unable to carry on with her education during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. She will be speaking to others to hear how they have been coping and how they strive to live a healthier life.

Street Connector builds relationships and connections with his neighbours; finds creative ways to bring people together; and has conversations to unearth what already brings a good life in his neighbourhood. His stories will be about what people he knows hope for and what gets in the way of them leading flourishing lives.

Talk the Talk is a development worker for a community led organisation on a large housing estate in North Wales.  He has been heavily involved in responding to immediate needs in his community during the COVID-19 pandemic and he will report on this work and other challenges facing the community.

The Street Artists Club is formed by two black women from the periphery of southern Brazil. People from their community experience inequalities related to social class, skin colour, gender and for being artists. They will work Iguana Jornalismo to tell their stories. 

Thrive is an established grassroots organisation led by people with lived experience of poverty and socio-economic disadvantage in Teesside NE England. They will use their voice through the articles and blogs, reporting on the barriers their community faces and offer insight, knowledge and expertise that can lead to solutions for a fairer society.

Voices from Pescarola live in a culturally diverse neighbourhood in Bologna, Italy. Their stories will be about the impact of the pandemic on health and life in the neighbourhood, people’s daily struggles, their experience of local services and neighbourhood relations.

Voices of Stolipinovo are field-work assistants. They work for a home-visiting programme supporting young mothers in Stolipinovo, Bulgaria. They are mothers themselves and their stories will be about the experience of people who they know in the neighbourhood.   

YILÓ is a group of four Roma women who live in two neighbourhoods in Seville, Spain. They have been collaborating for over two years with researchers to advocate for socially just living conditions for Roma families in their neighbourhoods. Their stories will make visible the voices of all Roma women, to empower their community narratives and be a part of the decision-making spaces that affect their lives.