The Coffee Set

Teny is from Sudan but now lives in south Riverside in Cardiff, Wales. She reminds us of all the people who are experiencing the consequences of the pandemic in both their new and old countries. Her first story shows that the presence of Sudan is with her every day in Cardiff.

I have been given many presents throughout my life, but, the most special and loveliest present I received was from my mother. 

In 2018 I was about to be married and had made the decision to move to the UK. On the morning of my flight my mother came into my room with a beautiful box to give to me. I opened the box very carefully and when I saw what was inside, I could not believe it  Inside the box was a wonderful, handmade coffee set. At that moment, I could not find the words to say, thank you. I just hugged her and said “I love you mum”. She hugged me and we started to cry and then we just sat holding onto each other, wishing that time would stand still. She later asked me if I liked the coffee set and I assured her that I loved it, and would always treasure it. 

The coffee set has pride of place in my living room in Cardiff and each time I look at it, I remember and it brings back wonderful memories and beautiful thoughts of my mother in Sudan.